“Forget about the fast lane. If you really want to fly, just harness your power to your passion” – Oprah Winfrey

Regina Mixon

Regina G. Mixon
Purpose Coach, Start-up Business Consultant, Author, Speaker, and Minister

Using her God-given gifts, extensive knowledge of what it takes to grow, and a genuine desire to see others flourish, Regina is here to serve those who are ready to elevate their lives to a new, exciting level. She uses her own life experiences to help enrich the life experiences of those willing to learn.

Regina began her walk in ministry at a very early age, serving in various capacities in the church. It would be the prayers of a godly grandmother who instilled the values of the presence of God in one’s life and the importance of family, that catapulted Regina’s will to serve others. Witnessing the important, mandated need to help others in need, Regina’s grandmother led her to live a life of ministry by serving others. Regina’s grandmother was a staunch supporter of diversity, and Regina was afforded was the opportunity to worship and fellowship with several different religious denominations.

Regina’s very first job was in a library. Always having a love for books, Regina’s dreams were to have a massive library, wall-to-wall, filled with books ranging in subjects from A to Z. This love of books led to Reginas becoming a published author and has enabled her to help others realize their dreams of seeing their own books in print.

Regina has worked as a Teacher’s Aide at Community Action Agency and, for almost 40 years, with the Social Security Administration. All of her previous employment allowed her to minister to the needs of others.

Regina’s passion lies in helping others pursue their purposes in life. She believes we are all here for a purpose and she encourages others to strive wholeheartedly to reach their highest level of success. Regina fully believes that once you succeed, not only is your life blessed, those of your family members and countless others will be touched, thereby creating a domino effect of enlightenment.

Regina serves as a Life/Purpose Coach and freely shares the problems she has experienced during her journey as well as lessons on life she has learned along the way. Some of the misfortunes Regina has overcome include the following:

  • Losing her mother at the age of 11
  • Becoming a teen mother
  • Molestation by a family member
  • Dropping out of high school
  • Experiencing domestic violence
  • Dealing with low self-esteem
  • Hiding behind masks
  • Enduring betrayals
  • Church hurts

She readily and willingly shares all of these in hopes that others will come to realize, as she did, that they can rise above the past and start over again.

Being a woman who has not only endured many hardships in life and spoken with countless others who either have, or are currently suffering in silence, Regina formed Women Destined to Win International. Regina authored the book, Women Waiting to Exhale: You Have Permission to Exhale in as effort to enlighten her audience’s mindset to the belief that any obstacle can be overcome with persistence, faith, and drive

Her goal is to help all people, women especially, to come into and understand their worth.

This bestselling author hails from Minden, Louisiana. Regina is a very proud mother of two adult children, Kendrick J. Thomas and Emily N. Mixon, and the grandmother of three, Kimmerlie Thomas, Khrystal Thomas, and Jordan Dyshon Gilliam.