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We’re young, we’re cute, some handsome
We’re powerful, yet pure
We’re children DESTINED TO WIN
And that we know for sure.

We’re business owners, scientist’s, doctors,
Lawyers, Authors and speakers to name a few
Of the wonderful things we WILL achieve
Just watch us as we do.

We want you to know
Once again, just who we really are
We are Children, Destined to Win
And most definitely stars

‘Don’t reach for the stars, when there are footprints on the moon.’ We aim high shooting for the moon.

Jordan D. Gilliam

Jordan D. Gilliam

Jordan became a first time author at the age of eight with his debut book “2nd Grade Spy Kids and the Missing Skateboard.”

Being a lover of books and learning, Jordan encourages any child that desires to become a published author to just start writing and go for it.

Currently, Jordan resides with his mother, Emily N. Mixon, in the Los Angeles area where he attends McNair Elementary in the city of Compton.

To contact him for speaking engagements or book signings, email

Book release by 10 year old Author